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Belen Natural Complementary Health Malahide Dublin

I believe in natural approaches for women & children’s health and wellbeing. Through the years, I have seen it work with my children, myself and my clients. My recipe is simple: a mix of good nutrition through food and supplements, a mindful attitude towards life and parenting, and manual therapy when required.


As a therapist who is also a mother of 3, I have dealt with many challenges, learnt from mistakes, trained in body and mind modalities, researched and put into practice what I preach. My experience tells me that health issues are generally multifactorial and require a multifactorial approach. Individualised treatments work best.


Personalised nutrition plans that help to address specific needs, e.g. digestion and hormonal issues, weight management, low-immunity or skin health. This includes dietary and nutritional assessment and/or supplements and natural remedies. All bundled in a simple, attainable plan with plenty of advice and support.


Light touch hands-on therapy that aims at releasing any restrictions on the skull, neck, shoulders or pelvis to free the movement of the joints and nervous system. Wonderful body therapy for women of all ages, including pre and post pregnancy, children and infants.



Practical hands-on classes in a fun relaxed environment. A balanced mix of culinary techniques and nutritional information that hopes to inspire women to use new foods and condiments, combine foods in fresh ways and play with colours and textures while still making DELICIOUS dishes.


Meditation classes that will help you live your life more consciously, bringing patience, contentment and compassion towards yourself and others. A series of techniques, guided meditations and exercises are used to shift your focus from ‘doing’ into ‘being’.


Individual consultations for women of all ages that want to educate themselves about nutrition and healthy choices or treat a specific health issue, i.e. weight management, energy levels, hormonal changes, digestion or pain. I offer attentive listening, diet and supplements advice, and hands-on craniosacral therapy. Every consultation is tailored to the person’s needs and circumstances.


Individual consultations to focus on foods to grow and keep children healthy. A child may need a specific diet, supplement plan or testing for food intolerances. Children, toddlers and infants respond generally well to craniosacral therapy to release tension and promote body and brain integration. Every consultation is tailored to the child’s needs and circumstances.


‘Plant-based recipes for all the family’

A compilation of 30 delicious plant-based recipes simple to make.

Endorsed by my children!

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Jan 20 –Healthy Cooking Made Easy
An introduction to plant-based recipes made out of wholegrains, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Learn how to use new foods, combine them in fresh ways and cook simple and tasty recipes.

Jan 23 –Family Recipes Healthy Makeover
Healthy eating does not need to be complicated or dear. If you feel you are limited by either lack of time, confidence or ideas this class is just for you! We will give a HEALTHY TWISTto your FAVORITE meals by simplyreplacing ingredients or cooking methods.

Feb 6 –Healthy Eating Kids
Want to diversify your child’s diet? Lear about nourishing foods for children, how to get them interested in healthy foods, explore creative solutions, play with colours and textures and cook a selection of tasty dishes for children and teens.

Feb 24 –Healthy Cooking Made Easy
An introduction to plant-based recipes made out of wholegrains, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Learn how to use new foods, combine them in fresh ways and cook simple and tasty recipes.

Feb 27 –Curbing Carbs and Sugar
Sugar cravings? Want to limit your carbs but don’t know where to start? Tips and advice on how to replace refined carbs and sugar for healthier options. Plenty of delicious, nutritious, satisfying low-carb recipes and replacements.

March 13 –Fabulous Woman
Confused about what to eat? Bored of calorie counting? Find out about feel-good foods for women and discover the secret of balanced meals including healthy fats, carbs and snacks. This class will spark your CREATIVITY and MOTIVATION to make healthy choices and cook delicious meals with peace of mind.

What is it?
Hands-on classes in a fun relaxed environment. A mix of culinary techniques and nutritional information to INSPIRE you to use NEW foods and condiments, COMBINE foods in FRESH ways while still making DELICIOUS dishes.

Who is it for?
Anyone with an interest in food, nutrition and cooking.

What is the format?
An interactive class where participants are involved in food preparation, cooking and tasting. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and gain an understanding of a variety of foods and how to incorporate them into their diet.

50Euro per class
Early booking recommended as the class is limited to 10 people.
Online Bookings at www.belencomplementaryhealth.com or info@belencomplementaryhealth.com
New Year Offers:
book any class before Jan 15 and get 20%offone class @40Euro
bring a friend and get 20% off one class @40Euro
book 3 classes @120Euro

Who is Belen?
Belen believes in the power of food for health. A qualified kinesiologist and craniosacral therapist, she runs a complementary health clinic where she provides nutritional assessment and food intolerance testing. Belen has a passion for good food and natural health for the whole family.

‘A balanced diet is about
eating a variety of nutritious foods
that are a pleasure to eat’